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2001 Attitude of Reading BibleReading Bible should be in the aspect of God, not in the aspect of human. Here, we use an example to illustrate this point.

2002 Who is spiritual according to Bible?  First, let us talk about a person who encounters miracles is not necessarily spiritual. Then we discuss that a person who is familiar with Bible words is not necessarily spiritual. However, we have to read Bible and also describe briefly about the reasons why. Finally, we talk about who is spiritual according to Bible. 

2003 How to convert Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese.    For those who are interested in converting traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese, the procedure presented only need 15 lines in Python, which one can be freely downloaded. We will first describe the procedure we used. The mapping table is a simple two column Excel sheet. The original table has only a little more than 900 entries and is replaced by a new one with more than 2,400 entries to convert properly. Finally, we talk about briefly why the program cannot be used with a simple table modification as described originally.

2004 Talk again about seeing things in the aspect of God.     We use the fact that Abraham is ready to offer Isaac for a burnt offering as an example to illustrate the internal consistency of the Bible. From this, we can observe that, in the aspect of God, a person sees things very differently from those in the aspect of human. Finally, we describe briefly what a wrong interpretation that a person can obtain if explaining in the aspect of human. The conclusion is that we have to read Bible in the aspect of God, not in the aspect of human.

2005 Possible ways of reading Bible。  We first ask the question why we have to read Bible in the aspect of God. Then, we describe two possible ways to read Bible. We have to read Bible in the aspect of God.

2006 Simple Kegel exercise for Incontinence.     Simple exercise consists of two parts with 95 seconds in total. The first part is called long exercise, which is followed by the second part called short exercise. It is suggested not to exceed 5 times daily. Long exercise takes longer time with 10 second rest first, followed by 5 second Kegel exercise. Then repeat 5 times with 75 seconds in total. Short exercise takes shorter time with 2 second rest first, followed by 2 second Kegel exercise. Then repeat 5 times with 20 seconds in total.

2007  Holy Spirit and tests.   We talk in several aspects regarding how Bible speaks about Holy Spirit and tests. The most important thing which we should not forget is the fact that God of Holy Trinity has absolute authority.

2008 Three questions we may often talk about.  First, we ask the questions “What are sins in Bible?  Where do they come from?”  Secondly, let us talk about the difference between the original Bible and Bibles in original languages.  Finally, we discuss how to treat parents in Bible.

2009 Free will of man and absolute authority of God.      We discuss why we can conclude Bible says that man has free will and God has absolute authority. Even with the free will of man, God always has an absolute authority.

2010 Some writing styles in Bible.     First, let us observe that Bible often starts with summary before the details when describing events. We then discuss two basic styles among various writings. Finally, we talk about that there are certain things that Bible does not talk about.

2011 The event of Paul meeting a great light.     Through the discussion about the event of Paul meeting a great light, we can see that, in order to understand what Bible says, we have to take the union of all verses about the event if such a event is mentioned more than once.

2012 Attitude and practice of tithes.     First, we’ll take a look at the attitude from New Testament, then we present the fact that Old Testament has the same teaching. Finally, we ask the question, in the aspect of Bible, “Should we offer at least one tenth willingly by heart?”

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